Beard Oil Application
1. Pour a small amount of oil into your hand, as much as needed for length of your beard- between a drop to a full dropper.  
2. Spread on the palms  of your hands and apply evenly throughout your beard- massage into your skin. 
3. Comb throughout in order to spread the oil- style your Beard accordingly.

Railway Beard & Shave Oil will help keep your beard shiny, well-groomed and healthy. Our custom handcrafted beard & shave oil is a hydrating agent, created to moisturize the skin beneath your beard. This means you can use it the very first day you decide to grow your beard! Railway Beard & Shave Oil works to help eliminate the annoying itch that makes you reach for your razor and give up growing your beard out altogether. Your facial hair can only produce so much natural oil, causing your beard to start looking unkept and dry. The light natural oils work to soften and tame a beard that has a shaggy look, without making it heavy or appear greasy.

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